Home Warranty Inspection

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What is a home warranty inspection?

Most home warranties expire upon one year (or other determined time). It's wise to make sure you are getting every bit of value out of your warranty. Allow us to inspect the property elements covered on your home warranty that you may not be aware are no longer in excellent working condition. A Home Warranty Inspection ensures there are no needed repairs, or replacements, before your warranty expires.

THE BENEFITS OF HAVING A Home warranty inspection?

  • The ability to repair defects prior to expiration of home warranty.
  • The ability to assess the health of your home post-ownership.
  • Greater confidence in sustaining a properly functioning home.

HOW MUCH DOES A Home warranty inspection cost?

We roughly base all inspections on time. We estimate how much time it will take to perform based on average square footage and the property elements covered in the home warranty. If you want additional property elements inspected, prices may vary. Below is what a home owner can expect to pay for a Home Warranty Inspection.

0-3000 sq ft = $200

3001+ sq ft = $300

WHEN CAN I SCHEDULE My home warranty inspection?

We schedule Monday - Thursday at 10:00 am and 1:00 pm. We reserve Fridays for administrative work. To schedule by phone, call or text Lance at 918-77-6670.

Directly schedule an inspection appointment below.  We will be in touch soon!