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I am a passionate InterNachi certified home inspector holding a strong reputation with both real estate professionals and clients. I am an authority within my industry, it’s my first priority to serve my community as a loyal citizen by providing outstanding competency and radical integrity.

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What an exciting time this is for you! Selling a home, purchasing a new one, and moving can be an exhilarating, yet exhausting experience. There are so many unknowns!

You'll be met with deciding whether or not to purchase a home based on information from your real estate agent and on feedback from your home inspector. You're putting a lot of trust into your home inspector so your home inspector better have experience and integrity!

At Forever Home Inspection you are my first priority. Every home inspection I do is delivered through radical integrity and passion! My goal is to ensure my clients walk into their forever home with eyes wide open.

Eager to serve you,

Lance Coffman

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