Show Me The Savings

One unique thing about us is that we LOVE local businesses, especially those in our city. We believe there is something extra special to be recognized and highlighted about these folks. When we can, we always choose local. We like to shop local, eat local, enjoy local entertainment. We love it so much that we have pulled some strings and arranged discounts across Tulsa with a few of our favorite local establishments.

3 Reasons Your Deck is Decaying

Internachi reports that only 40% of all decks built in the US are safe!

First, we know there are a lot of DIY decks out there. So we’d just like to point out, “there is no correlation between deck failure and whether the deck was built by a homeowner or a professional contractor.” (Internachi) The failure occurs when the deck is built improperly and is not properly maintained throughout its lifespan.

We Believe in Transparent Pricing

What’s more nerve wracking than paying for a service and having no idea how much it’s costing, or why it’s costing that amount? We decided from the very beginning that we would be absolutely transparent about our prices. We want our clients to know what each element of the home inspection costs.

We don’t believe in one size fits all pricing so we have designed our pricing model in a way that gives you the biggest bang for your buck and doesn’t leave you paying for a service the home doesn’t require. We have accomplished this by giving credits back to you - check out our credits…