Seller Inspection

Empowering home owners to own with confidence.

What is aN OWNER inspection?

Own with confidence! This inspection reports on the overall status of your home and its possible defects to help you better prepare for another year of home ownership. The following areas will be addressed:

  • Roof (Covering, Flashing, Drainage Systems, Chimney, Flues)
  • Interior (Walls, Windows, Doors, Flooring, Ceiling, Fixtures)
  • Exterior (Siding, Driveway, Walkway, Decks, Vegetation, Trees, Gradient, Yard Fences)
  • Limited Structure (Foundation, Basement, Walls, Floors, Attic)
  • Attached Garage (Foundation, Windows, Doors, Walls, Ceiling)
  • Heating and Cooling Systems (Equipment, Operation, Distribution, Vents, Flues)
  • Plumbing (Main Valve, Drainage, Vents)
  • Electrical (Main/Sub Panel, Receptacles, Fixtures, Fire Alarms/Systems, Alarm Systems)
  • Attic (Ventilation, Insulation)
  • Appliances (Stove, Dishwasher, Microwave, Refrigerator)
  • Limited Pest (Non-invasive Discovery)
  • Additional Fee Services: (Crawlspaces, Sprinkler Systems, Pools, Outdoor Kitchens, Detached Buildings, Non-Attached Negotiated Appliances, Farm Fences)
  • Travel Fee ($25 travel fee for inspections located a distance more than 30 miles from our office)

The Benefits of Having aN OWNER Inspection

  • Understanding your home's current defects
  • Ability to prioritize and budget home repairs
  • Trustworthy referrals for repairs
  • Advantage of always being prepared to sell your home

How Much Does aN OWNER Inspection Cost?

Our inspection prices are based upon square footage of a home plus the time it takes to write your report, and any additional services rendered. Below is what an owner can expect to pay for an Owner Inspection that does not include additional fee services and travel fees.

When Can I schedule my seller inspection?

We schedule Monday - Friday. We prefer to reserve Mondays for administrative work, but we can be make availability upon request.